Health Care Flexible Spending Account

Plan Year & Enrollment

The benefit plan year starts September 1st and ends August 31st. Employees who want to continue the Health Care FSA benefit must re-enroll each year during Spring Enrollment. Employees may also make eligible changes if they experience a qualifying event allowed by the IRS for Cafeteria Plans. For more information, visit the Benefits webpage. 

FSA Funds Grace Period

You have until November 15th of a given plan year to incur eligible expenses if you have a remaining balance in your Health Care FSA from the previous plan year. You have until November 30th to submit the eligible expenses incurred through November 15th. Please keep in mind, if you still have a balance remaining after November 30th, you will forfeit that money per IRS guidelines.

2024-25 Plan Year Updates

The maximum Health Care Flexible Spending Account election is $3,200.

2023-24 Health Care FSA Plan Overview.mp4

2023-24 Health Care FSA Plan Overview

Watch this video (8:15 minutes) to learn more about the Navia Health Care FSA plan. This video includes the following topics:

Enrollment Kit.pdf

Navia FSA Member Flyer

FSA Summary Plan Description.pdf

Navia FSA Summary of Benefits

FSA Plan Document.pdf

Navia FSA Plan Document

How to Access FSA Funds

Click HERE to find all the ways in which you can access your Health Care FSA funds. 

You may register as a user on Navia’s website for access to your account and more. During registration, you will be asked for an Employer Code; the code for Boise School District is BOI.

Navia Claim Form