Accident Insurance

Plan Year & Enrollment

The benefit plan year starts September 1st and ends August 31st. Once you have enrolled in the plan, the plan will automatically renew each year unless you make allowable changes during the Spring Enrollment period or you experience a qualifying event allowed by the IRS for Cafeteria Plans. You may cancel this voluntary benefit at any time. For more information, visit the Benefits webpage. 

2024-25 Plan Year Updates

There are no plan changes or premium increases for the Sun Life Accident Insurance plan for the 2024-25 plan year.

2023-24 Accident Insurance Plan Overview.mp4

2023-24 Accident Insurance Overview

Watch this video (4:13 minutes) to learn more about the Sun Life Accident Insurance plan. This video includes the following topics:

Accident Certificate POLICY_940955-XCOIPAI-2304696.pdf

Sun Life

Accident Certificate of Insurance

Accident Booklet Document 940955_Accident_(12)_09.01.2023.pdf

Sun Life

Accident Insurance Plan Booklet


Sun Life

Accident Insurance Plan Details

Accident Insurance - Payment Example.pdf

Sun Life

Accident Insurance - Payment Example

Accident Claim Statement (H2).pdf

Accident Claim Statement

Wellness Cancer Screening (H2).pdf

Wellness / Cancer Screening Claim Statement

Eligibility - For Employee Eligibility information, please visit the Benefits webpage. 

To be eligible for coverage, dependents must meet the eligibility requirements: