Absence Management

Absence Management Updates

System Update; Single-Sign-On Access

On July 11, 2019, the District updated the Absence Management system which includes some changes that will affect you. With this system update in place:

Absence Approval

Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, the District has implemented absence approval in Absence Management for the absence reasons below, which will now require principal/supervisor approval. In addition to needing approval, some absence reasons now have a cap on the number of days that may be used. The absence reasons impacted are shown in the chart below.

Absences using these reasons may be entered into Absence Management and substitutes secured while the absence approval is pending. If the absence is approved, the employee will receive an email notification of the approval. If the absence is denied, the employee will receive an email notification of the denial and the substitute who filled the absence will receive an email notification of the absence being canceled. Employees should validate their absence has been approved prior to being absent. 

Absence Management Access

The Absence Management system can be accessed online or via phone.

Absence Management Substitute Calling Times

There are two (2) calling periods with regards to calling substitutes to fulfill jobs.

Absence Management Contact Information

For questions and/or assistance with Absence Management, you may contact us via: