How to Apply:  

In-District Transfer

What is the In-District Transfer Application?

The In-District Transfer Application is an application designed specifically for eligible employees (see below) to apply for vacant positions.

Watch our online video: Transfer Application.

Who is Eligible for the In-District Transfer Application?

Certified Employees:

All current, District, certificated employees are eligible to receive email notifications for vacant, certified positions; for instructions to enroll for notifications, please view the Boise School District’s Vacancy Email Notification System User Guide.

Classified Employees:

Temporary and Substitute Employees

Access the In-District Transfer Application

The transfer application is accessible via your Employee WorkSpace. If you have not completed a transfer application in the past, you will need to click on Add New Application under the Online Applications section in WorkSpace and select the transfer application. If you have previously completed a transfer application, you can update the transfer application by clicking on Transfer under the Online Applications section in WorkSpace