How to Apply: Certified Positions

We appreciate your interest in working with the Boise School District. Our objective is to ensure we have qualified applicants in the hiring pools to fill vacancies as they are available. To assist with this, we want to ensure you are successful in completing your online application and supplying all required materials. Please review each of the sections below to assist with completing your online certified application. If you have questions, please contact us via email at or by phone at 208-854-4074 (option 2). 

Certified Applicant Timeline - view the timeline of the certified hiring season for the Boise School District

Student Teachers

If you are currently a student teacher nearing the end of graduation, we encourage you to begin the certified application process outlined on this page. You do not need to have your degree posted or your teaching credential issued before you can begin applying and have a screening interview. If you are offered certified employment with the District, you will need to provide your issued credential before the start date of your position.

Pupil Personnel

If you do not already hold a Pupil Personnel certificate, you must be eligible to obtain a credential through the Idaho Department of Education in order to be hired in the following subject areas:

School Psychologist

School Nurse

Speech Language Pathologist

School Social Worker

School Counselor

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist

If you have questions about obtaining the certification, please email

Complete the Online Certified Application

Click here to complete the certified application.

Job Pools

The Boise School District uses a content-area, pool-based system for hiring certified applicants who do not currently work in a certified capacity for Boise Schools. To receive consideration for content area(s), you must add the job pool(s) to your certified application that matches your content area endorsement(s) and highly qualified documentation.  Only add job pools for which you would like to be considered and are qualified.

Important: You cannot apply specifically for positions to receive consideration - we also ask that you do not contact principals and/or other administrators to express your interest in posted positions. Once you have completed all application requirements and received your content-area screening, as outlined on this page, you will receive automatic consideration for vacancies that meet the content-area criteria and for which you are qualified - even if the job posting status indicates "In-District Only".

Submit Required Materials

The following is a list of materials that must be submitted before you may receive a screening interview in your content area(s).  You may submit these materials within the application and/or email them to

Note: Please know that if you do not have all required materials while completing the certified application, we highly encourage you to still submit the application. You may return to the application at any time to update with the required materials. In addition, if you submit documents to our office, we cannot attach them to your application file until you have submitted the certified application.

Screening Interview

Once you have completed your certified application and submitted all required materials, you will be eligible for a content area screening interview.

You must go through the screening interview process before you will be considered for any openings in your content area.  

Note: Screening interviews are offered based on District need only. In addition, screening interview scores are confidential and will not be shared with the applicant.

New Applicant Orientation - 2019-20

Certified New Applicant Orientation Presentation