Joint Insurance Committee (JIC)

Purpose and Scope

The Joint Insurance Committee (JIC) was created to provide governance for employee-based insurances. With representation from District administration and from the Boise Education Association (BEA), the intent is to remove from the negotiations process the time-consuming, complex process of understanding employee-based health benefits and insurance selection.

The committee makes recommendations on District purchased employee-based health benefits and insurances. The committee makes decisions on the purchase of health benefits, plan design for coverage, and general administration policies. The needs of all plan members are considered and evaluated before decisions are made. The committee is responsible for reviewing experience reports and monitoring the delivery of coverage. It is also responsible for considering changes to plans and providing communication to employees about the structure of the District's plans and changes to those plans. The committee is referenced in the Negotiated Agreement between the BEA and the District:

An insurance committee shall be established and shall be comprised of three members appointed by the Association and three members appointed by the District. The committee shall analyze, compare, investigate and aid in the administration of the group policies and companies to ensure benefits, costs containment and premiums. Amendments to plans and selection of carriers shall be made by the committee. Changes in the insurance programs agreed to by the committee shall be binding on this Contract. [Article XI - Insurance, F]

The Joint Insurance Committee has the authority to recommend any necessary modifications to future contract language that will ensure the District's ability to provide a high-quality, affordable insurance plan while reducing the impact on the District's general fund. [Article XI - Insurance, H]


The Joint Insurance Committee develops policies related to the purchase of and administration of quality and affordable employer-based health benefits and insurance.


Members of the JIC:

District Representatives:

BEA Representatives: