Employee Wellness

Message from our Superintendent on Wellness...

Our District’s strength and success depends on you. Our Wellness Program offers a holistic approach to ensuring you have the resources you need to make good choices, whether in the classroom or at home, that can help us live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. 

Your participation in this effort is completely voluntary. Each of us can take steps, even small ones, to improve our overall well-being. We hope you will join us by participating in this worthwhile effort and take full advantage of the opportunities it offers you. 

Coby Dennis


What is the Wellness Program?

The Wellness Programs strives to offer activities which support the health and well-being of the Boise School District members at work, at home, and into retirement.

Why Should I participate?

The District rewards you for taking responsibility for your health by offering the Wellness Medical Plan for those who earn 275 Wellness Points and complete the REQUIRED Health Assessment.  This means lower monthly premiums, lower deductibles and copays, and sustained and improved health. 

How Do I Participate?

What if I have a medical condition or I am under a doctor’s care?

If it is unreasonable or inadvisable to participate in the Wellness Program Activities, complete the REQUIRED Health Assessment and submit an EXEMPTION FROM WELLNESS Form to support@wellright.com by March 31, 2024

2023-24 Wellness Program Overview

Biometric Screenings & The Take Charge Program

Click HERE to schedule a free onsite biometric screening

The District hosted Screening events administered by Saint Alphonsus include the following tests:

All screenings are limited to those on the District Medical Plan covered by Regence Blue Shield. To sign up for your screening, visit your personal WellRight portal.

Learn more about what to expect at your Screening....

Next Steps - Take Charge of Your Health

What is Take Charge? The Take Charge Program is designed to help individuals manage their identified health risks from the biometric screening and prevent chronic illnesses. 

This program is offered at no cost to members on the District's medical plan, and provides support and expertise to those whose biometric screening results are outside the recommended targets for health.  

For more information, login to your personal WellRight portal.

2023.BSD TakeChargeBloodPressure (1 sheet).pdf

Take Charge - Blood Pressure

2023.BSD.TakeChargeA1CProgram (1 sheet).pdf

Take Charge - A1C

2023.BSD.Take Charge. LDL Program (1 sheet).pdf

Take Charge - LDL

2023.BSD.TakeChargeBMI (1 sheet).pdf

Take Charge - BMI

Prefer to visit your own physician?

If you prefer to visit your own physician for your biometric screening, take this form and have your doctor's office complete the Health Care Provider section. Follow the instructions on the form to submit your results to earn Wellness Points. 

Wellness Program participants who complete their biometric screening with their own physician still have the option to work with a Registered Dietician and/or Registered Nurse with the Saint Alphonsus Corporate Health and Wellness department FREE of charge. Employees can call 208-367-6225 to schedule an appointment.

2023.2024 Biometric Screening Form 9-11-2023.pdf

Wellness Challenges Offered in Partnership with Saint Alphonsus

Earn Wellness Points by participating in these District-wide challenges.  Visit your personal WellRight portal for dates and to register!

Stress & Your Appetite

Build A Better Meal

Don't Sugar Coat It

Presentations Offered in Partnership with Saint Alphonsus

Earn Wellness Points by attending one or both of these presentations offered by Saint Alphonsus. 

Wellness in the News

To register for this presentation, visit your personal WellRight portal.

Harvard Health Living Guide

To register for this presentation, visit your personal WellRight portal.

2022.2023 Wellness Presentation Flyer.pdf

Not able to attend a scheduled presentation? Schedule an additional presentation date. 

See this flyer to learn how.

Spine Wellness Enhanced Benefit

This benefit covers outpatient office visits for spine wellness care with a provider associated with this benefit.  The member will complete an initial consult with a spine wellness physician who will determine if conservative care is an appropriate treatment plan for them. If so, the doctor will refer that patient to seek follow-up treatment with a physical therapist associated with the Saint Alphonsus Acute Spine Care Center. For information or to make an appointment call (208) 302-3760. 

St. Alphonsus Spine Wellness Benefit - Informational Flyer & Contact Information

Spine Wellness Benefit  - Dr. John Lattin, MD online appointment scheduling 

Spine Wellness Informational Videos - Wellness and injury prevention information