Supplemental Life Insurance

Plan Year & Enrollment

The benefit plan year starts September 1st and ends August 31st. Once you have enrolled in the plan, the plan will automatically renew each year. You may also elect this benefit at any time, but if you elect Employee and/or Spouse Supplemental Life Insurance after your New Hire Eligibility period, you will be required to provide Evidence of Insurability to New York Life for review and approval. You may cancel this voluntary benefit at any time.

Click HERE to learn more about Supplemental Term Life Insurance, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, and Long-Term Disability Insurance.

2024-25 Plan Year Updates

New York Life premiums remain the same for Supplemental Term Life Insurance, Supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, and Long Term Disability. During the 2024-25 Spring Enrollment event, employees may elect coverage for themselves and their spouses up to the guaranteed issue without having to submit an Evidence of Insurability form.  


2023-24 New Hire Supplemental Life Insurance Plan .mp4

2023-24 Supplemental Life Insurance Plan Overview

Watch this video (3:37 minutes) to learn more about New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance.  This video includes the following topics:

2023-24 New York Life Employee-Paid Term Life Insurance Summary of Benefits.PDF

New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance

Summary of Benefits

Cigna - Supplemental Life - Group Life Insurance Certificate - FLX968411c01.pdf

New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance

Certificate of Insurance

NYL Term Life Customer Flyer.pdf

New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance

Customer Flyer

The Independent School District of Boise City-Highlight Sheet-VTL-Class 1-OE.pdf

New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance

Highlight Sheet

NYL How to Submit a Life or Accident Claim.pdf

New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance

How to Submit a Claim

NYL Beneficiary FAQs.pdf

New York Life Supplemental Life Insurance

Beneficiary FAQs

Eligibility - For Employee Eligibility information, please visit the Benefits webpage. 

To be eligible for coverage, dependents must meet the eligibility requirements: