2022-23 Medical Plan Overview

The District offers employees the opportunity to save premium, copayments, and deductible expenses by participating in the Wellness Program. You can find more information about the District’s Wellness Program and benefits options by viewing the Benefits and Wellness Plan Information Booklet.

092021 PRF $750 $3000 8060 Wellness SBC.pdf

Wellness Medical Plan

Summary of Benefits

Boise SD Wellness Booklet 9-1-2020.pdf

Wellness Medical Plan Booklet

092021 PRF $1000 $3000 8060 Standard SBC.pdf

Standard Medical Plan

Summary of Benefits

Boise SD Standard Booklet 9-1-2020.pdf

Standard Medical Plan Booklet

Member Card

Once enrolled in the plan, employees will receive a member card at the mailing address on file with the District.

The card:

  1. Will arrive in an “unidentifiable”, plain envelope for employee protection.

  2. Will arrive within four (4) weeks of the effective date of coverage.

    1. If the card does not arrive in a timely manner, please contact Regence Member Services or sign-in to your Regence Dashboard.