Updating Your Certified Application

We appreciate your interest in working with the Boise School District as a certified staff member. Our objective is to ensure we have qualified applicants in the hiring pools to fill vacancies as they are available. To assist with this, we want to ensure you are successful in updating your online application from the previous hiring year and supplying all required materials. Please review each of the sections below to assist with completing your certified application update. If you have questions, please contact us via email at employment@boiseschools.org or by phone at 208-854-4074 (option 2).

Access your Certified Application in WinOcular Workspace

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WinOcular Workspace Login Page

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 Use the Certified Application Update Checklist to assist you in the update process.

Job Pool(s)

The Boise School District uses a content-area, pool-based system for hiring certified applicants not currently working in a certified capacity with Boise School District. To receive consideration for content area(s), you must add the job pool(s) to your certified application that match(es) your subject area endorsement(s). Only add job pools for which you would like to be considered and are qualified.

Important: You cannot apply specifically for positions to receive consideration - we also ask that you do  not contact principals and/or other administrators to express your interest in posted positions. Once you have completed all application requirements and received your content-area screening, as outlined on this page, you will receive automatic consideration for vacancies that meet the content-area criteria and for which you are qualified - even if the job posting status indicates "In-District Only".

Certification Expiration

Validate the expiration date of your credential under the under the Certification/Licensure section of your certified application.

Note: If you are currently a student teacher or working on your ABCTE, you will select the program in which you are working in lieu of entering an expiration date.

Finalize & Submit Application

In addition to the requirements listed above for updating your application, we highly recommend you review each section of your application and make any necessary changes (i.e. phone, email, work experience, certifications, background check, references, etc.)

Note: We recommend that you use a personal email address for your application rather than a college email address.

Once you have completed the above steps and reviewed/updated the remainder of you application, you will need to submit the application.

Review and/or Update Documents

Review the existing documents that you currently have in your application file to see if any require updating (i.e. certification, resume, etc.). To review your existing documents, follow these steps:

Screenshot of "Manage Documents" folder in WinOcular Workspace

You may update your documents via your certified application under the Supporting Documents section. Documents that are required for your application file to be complete are listed below:

Note: Please do not upload duplicate documents.

Additional Resources/Information