Certificate / Credential Renewal

Certificate/Credential Renewal

Certificate/credential renewal is completed through the Idaho State Department of Education (SDE); this web page is intended to be used as a guiding resource.

Application Guidelines

Click the applicable link below for detailed instructions on renewing your certificate/credential (these links will take you to the SDE's web site):


Renewal Deadlines

Idaho State Department of Education:

Per the State Department of Education, a renewal application must be submitted no later than June 1, 2023 in order to ensure receipt of the renewed credential by September 1, 2023.

Boise School District

Your renewed certificate/credential must be received on or before August 31, 2023 in the Human Resources Department, Boise School District, 8169 W. Victory Rd., Boise, Idaho, 83709. Boise School District does not receive a copy of your renewed certificate/credential from the SDE. If you have questions, please contact us via email at employment@boiseschools.org or by phone at 208-854-4074 (option 2).


Reminder of Administrative Certificate Renewal Requirements

In order to recertify, administrative certificate holders must complete a three credit course in the Idaho Framework for Teachers’ evaluation pursuant to Section 33-1204, Idaho Code each recertification cycle. Credits must be earned through an approved teacher preparation program and include a laboratory component. This requirement applies to all administrative certificate holders, regardless of whether you are currently serving in an administrative capacity or not.

Administrative certificate holders can meet this requirement through any course that has been approved by the State Board of Education. A full listing of approved courses can be found on the State Board of Education website under Approved Courses. As a reminder, the course being offered by the Boise School District through Education Impact is a State Board approved course. For more information on the Boise School District course, please see the Educational Impact Course Overview.