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Additional Investment Options

Tax Deferred and 403(b)

The 403(b) is a voluntary retirement investing program offered under section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Code - also known as a Tax-Sheltered Account. All Boise School District employees are eligible to participate and you may start/stop or change contributions at any time.

Boise School District’s 403(b) plan is administered by The OMNI Group. To begin a monthly payroll contribution:

For more information, please refer to OMNI's website.

OMNI 403(b) Links for Participants

OMNI Retirement Calculator

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Employer Plan Information 

457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan

The 457(b) is a voluntary retirement investing program offered to governmental entities and Public School Districts. This is another voluntary supplemental retirement investment option that has more portability options.  If you leave your job, you may leave your money in your Boise School District plan account, roll it into another employer’s eligible retirement plan, or cash it out.  Early withdrawal from the 457(b) plan is subject to income tax, but not the IRS 10% premature distribution penalty tax.  

All Boise School District employees are eligible to participate and you may start and stop or change contributions at any time. To start contributions you must establish an account with an approved vendor, and then submit a completed SRA Salary Reduction Agreement to the Omni Group.  We recommend that you consult a tax or financial advisor to determine which choice or mix of choices would be right for your individual situation. 

PERSI Choice 401(k)

The PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan is a voluntary PERSI retirement investment account available to PERSI-eligible employees. This is a voluntary supplemental option to your PERSI Base retirement plan.  It contains any gain sharing contributions you may have received in the past, any voluntary contributions you make, any rollovers you request from other plans as well as the earnings on those funds. Your Choice 401(k) Plan is a Defined Contribution plan, meaning the amount you receive at retirement is based on the contributions and earnings in the plan.

PERSI Choice Highlights

Depending on your circumstances, you may choose from a number of distribution options.

In order to begin a monthly contribution to your PERSI Choice 401(k) account, you can request an enrollment kit from this link to the PERSI Website. Your completed PERSI Choice 401(k) Salary Reduction Agreement form can be delivered directly to the payroll office at the DSC.