Certified Credits & Transcripts

Transcripts received for Salary Advancement: 

The following excerpt is from page 19 of the 2022-23 Negotiated Agreement:

Professional employees completing academic requirements for advancement on the salary schedule must submit official transcripts no later than October 1, 2022. Transcripts must be date stamped in the Human Resources Office by October 1, 2022, to receive retro pay, effective to the beginning of the school year. Transcripts received after October 1, 2022 will be applied to the following school year.

Note: In determining the education factor, only credits earned after the initial certification, shall be allowed.

Credits earned beyond the BA Degree, and which are in the field of education, or toward an advanced degree, or in the individual's major/minor field of study will be recognized for placement and/or advancement on the salary schedule, except for those credit hours required by the State Department of Education for initial teacher certification. For placement on the salary schedule at the MA + level, credits earned must be subsequent to a Master’s degree received after initial state certification. In the case of a professional employee who has accepted an extra-curricular assignment, physical education credits shall be recognized for the advancement on the salary schedule, regardless of the professional employee's major or minor field, with the following provisions: [1] athletic coaches may only count credits which are identified as physical education credits on the official transcript; [2] no more than three physical education credits will be used for advancement on the salary schedule; and [3] only physical education credits earned after being employed by the Boise School District may be used for advancement on the salary schedule. 

The salary schedule is adopted only for the 2022-2023 school year. Any reference to future lane or step salary increases is advisory only and subject to further approval by the Board of Trustees.

To view your credits and transcripts you can go to your Employee WorkSpace in WinOcular. In order to view your official transcripts, click on Manage Documents in your Employee WorkSpace. 

Please note that we may only accept official transcripts.